Rapid Prototyping Services

What is Rapid Prototyping Services Process ?


rapid prototyping partsWhen a new product is only an idea, did not come into market. It needs to turn it into a physical part through by rapid prototyping services. People can see and check the detail and test the function. The designer is never absolutely certain that what looks on the screen is a faithful representation of the product they intend to install.

Rapid prototyping is the most successful attempt to break through this barrier, or to convert the images into a solid, concrete object you can touch. Then, it won’t cost too much money and time. A few prototyping technologies from UYEE company for your reference, such as: 3D printing, CNC machining, Silicone molding, rapid tooling.

Starting from your three-dimensional or two-dimensional CAD model we are able to realize in short times a working prototype, in all similar to the final product that is to be launched on the market. We work for all sectors that can take advantage of the realization of a real model for the development of new products.